B2B Sales

Our consultants thrive on introducing new products to new markets.  Focussing on B2B sales, we build an initial pipeline of prospects and accelerate the time to revenue.  From enterprise sales to the SME market, we’ve been there and done it!

One of our US clients wanted a low-risk way to test the European market before investing in opening a subsidiary and taking on employees.  Acting on their behalf, we successfully closed three major contracts to global corporations, and built a solid pipeline which exceeded their best-case forecast by over 30%, and gave them the confidence to expand into the European Market.

Our sector knowledge includes security,  CRM, enterprise database and productivity products, document processing, Business Process Management,  and Supply Chain Management.

We have all grown sales teams, implemented the correct processes to qualify and track prospects, and are used to working with limited resource to get you off to a flying start.